Rapha Festive 500 - video editing time!

Review 42GB of video? And sync it to music? - view on instagram

Editing my GoPro Footage

One of the hardest parts of editing video is deciding what to cut out. While reviewing the video, I remembered how fun it was to ride during the whole week as challenging as it was. I mean, I can barely balance a bike since I just started cycling this year, and here I am trying to record myself climbing up 14% grades, etc.

I didn’t plan on breaking any personal records except for trying to complete the challenge EVERY DAY. I’m a weekend rider, with my farthest distance per week around 42mi / 68km.

We are blessed with lots of hills in the San Francisco bay area, but when I needed some flat land for my century, that was available too! I hope people like my video, and I really hope Rapha does too because i really want the Rapha Espresso Machine, Set of Rapha Espresso Cups and Chris King Tamper,and Classic Softshell. I used to be a Barista, so I could put the machine to good use!

Rapha Festive 500 Day 5 - December 30 (Challenge complete!)

My last day and group ride with Kaboom - view on instagram - view on strava

Kaboom group ride

Alpine Road, a favorite cycling spot near Palo Alto, California. Originally popularized by the legendary Jobst Brandt

After ride Ramen! - view on instagram


Santa Ramen in San Mateo, CA

After our group ride, a few of us went out to eat at our favorite Ramen joint but I couldn’t stay long since I was still short 12mi / 19.2km on completing my Festive 500!

How did my rear go flat, in the TRUNK? - view on instagram

My 3rd flat

Just my luck, as soon as I got home to go for my last ride, I found out I had a rear flat. Upon inspecting my rear tire, I noticed it had a few tiny rips! With no spare tube and tire, I didn’t want to risk it so I drove to a local bike shop in Burlingame.

I ended up doing repeats near the shop just in case anything went wrong. Unfortunately, I already took off my Rapha winter cycling gear because I thought I was going to ride in some sun, but since I was delayed with this flat, I was riding in windy cold weather, and I wasn’t dressed for it!

Here’s my last segment as recorded by Strava. It wasn’t my ideal way to end the challenge, but I was happy that I got to see a lot of the San Francisco Bay Area I wouldn’t have otherwise!

Thank you Rapha for this wonderful Challenge! Now my next challenge is to edit the video! I can’t wait to get my patch!

Rapha Festive 500 Complete

Total Distance: 311.74mi / 502km

Total Elevation Gain: 15,538ft / 4,735m

Total Calories Burned: 12,710

Ave Speed: 14mph / 22.5kph

Ave Max Speed: 32.4 / 52.1kph

Ave HR: 151

Rapha Festive 500 Break - December 29

The boys and their bikes from Santa - view on instagram

They were so happy that I was home because they have been wanting to go ride bikes too since they have been asking me since Christmas.

Boys on Bikes

At Beresford Park in San Mateo, California

Heres a timelapse of me assembling Ayden’s (5) new bike:


Dylan (3) got his brother’s old bike. It looked so tiny now! The crazy thing about Ayden’s 16” bike is that I swear it is heavier than my Bianchi!

What does this say daddy? - view on instagram

Can't read sign

At Marina Green Park, San Francisco, CA

I really wanted to try on the Classic Soft Shell jacket so we drove into the city so I could stop by Rapha Cycle Club then take the boys biking around a more scenic area.

Rapha Festive 500 Day 1 - December 24

The roadblock - view on instagram - view on strava

Instagram festive500 roadblock

With all the rain that was happening in the San Francisco Bay area, I had no clue if I could commit to the full 500km. For my 1st ride, I rode with my buddy Chris Diaz who also happens to be the only other rider who rides a Bianchi in our group. He also took the week off and also signed up for the challenge on Strava.

We already rode through one small mudslide!

Night Rider - adding the miles to take a break for Christmas - view on Instagram - view on strava

After reading my kids a bedtime story, I convinced myself to do a ride since I was doing some math in my head on how I would complete the challenge.

Instagram Festive500

This was my 1st time riding at night, I just wish I had one of these lights on my bike. More details on my Instagram post.

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